Saturday, 24 November 2012

For His Greater Honor and Glory!

These days, it seems like it is very unfashionable and totally uncool to talk about God. When the topic of faith comes up, one is often met with the “this is the 21st century, you’re an adult now, stop believing in mumbo-jumbo” sort of attitudes. Fortunately for me (though perhaps unfortunately for my husband and children), I neither care particularly much about fashion, nor about being cool. As is the title of the second part of Richard Feynman’s memoirs so irreverently says, “What do you care what other people think?”. (The first part, of course, is “Surely you must be joking, Mr. Feynman”. I highly recommend both.) In any case, about God, well, I love God. I want to shout out from the mountaintops, “Honor and Glory be to God!” I love Jesus. He is my most faithful and reliable friend. At Mass today, a line from one of the hymns said something like “it pains me that I knew your love so late”. I was teary-eyed. I love Mother Mary. She hears my prayers, comforts me, and covers me and my loved ones under her Blessed Mantle of Protection. She is our Co-Redeemer. She fully surrendered herself to the Will of God, and thus allowing our Savior Jesus to be born into the world. I want to follow her example. (Obviously, this is much easier said than done.) I want to fully surrender myself to God’s Will. (The hard part is knowing exactly what God's Will is. But I do believe that with faith and courage, we will find ourselves on the path He intends for us.) I love St Michael the Archangel, who is at my side at all times, and all the angels and saints.

I have as my profile picture an image of the  Hubble Extreme Deep Field. This image was released sometime in September 2012, and shows galaxies from 13.2 billion years ago (according to Wikipedia). When I first saw these images, I thought to myself, “How beautiful, wondrous, vast, and unfathomable is His Creation!”. I have framed a copy of this image above the kitchen sink, where I happen to spend a significant part of the day. It helps to remind me of God’s awesomeness, and that whatever “problems” I am fretting about are totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things. (“That’s so 90s, Ma”, Luke says about the usage of the word “awesome”.)

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